Mountain Oak Vapors Opens new vape shops in Knoxville TN, Chattanooga TN, Cleveland TN, Orlando FL, Oviedo FL, Niagara Falls NY, Buffalo NY and more coming soon!
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Mountain Oak Vapors is one of the largest E-Liquid manufacturers in the country. Distributing over 70,000 bottles per month across America, over 1500 Gallons and housing 3 locally owned and operated Vape Shops in South East Tennessee Mountain Oak Vapors has established itself as the best. Mountain Oak Vapors was one of the very FIRST Vapor Lounges to open its doors in the region. While many have come after us, we still provide the best prices, the best service, the best selection and most importantly the best American Made E-Liquid on the market. We have grown from a Mom & Pop business that started in January of 2012, to employing over 30 people in the Tennessee Valley! We never stop investing our money back into our business, and it shows in the quality and consistency of our e-cig products.

Why shop with MOV? We know there are a lot of options today when it comes to Knoxville vape shops, Chattanooga
vape shops, and vape shops in general. However, there are always a few things to consider when deciding where you are going to buy your vape gear from. First of all, we take E-Liquid manufacturing VERY Seriously. As members of AEMSA ( we have extremely stringent quality standards that we adhere to every day in our 5,000 Square Foot dedicated, self made E-Liquid Lab (photos below). We are constantly increasing our quality standards and insuring the products we are producing are not only the best tasting, but also the safest products they can be for our customers. The fact is, a lot of shops are mixing liquid at their home, in a back room, or buying it from another company who is doing the same. We all start somewhere, but a business can tell you a lot by what they do with their profits. At Mountain Oak Vapors we put it back into our business and in the end this is why our customers choose to keep shopping with us. We are now operating the very best E-Cigarette and vape shop in Oviedo Florida and Niagara Falls NY as well as Cleveland, Chattanooga, and Knoxville Tennessee. Check our location maps below.

Secondly, our staff is among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Our business was made BY Vapers, FOR Vapers and we think that is very important. Our employees have a genuine love for vaping and E-Cigarettes, and it shows through with the service you will receive at our stores.

Lastly, our selection of vapor products and e-cigs is among the finest in Tennessee. From high end vape gear like Hana mods, Nzonic's, Hydra's, Provari's, REO Mods, and much more to the most basic starter kits such as ego standards, Innokin iTaste's, and variable voltage/wattage accessories. We carry all of the premiere suppliers such as SmokTech, Innokin, Bauway, HCigar, Rainbow, KangerTech and much more.

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