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Atomizers -- every Electronic Cigarette user needs one of these in their vaping arsenal. At one time, these were the ONLY way to vape. As we have moved forward with electronic cigarettes, these still have a place in the heart of many vapers. Most will say that the flavor you get from an atomizer is unmatched. Drippers, as they are called, will tell you that the hit you get off of an atomizer cannot be compared to the likes of clearomizers and some of the newer vaping tank systems on the market. Whether you are a dripper or not, an atomizer is a must have in your electronic cigarette stash. Rebuildable Atomizer's offer the user the ability to re-make or re-build their coil on demand using silica wick and kanthal resistance wire. Not sure if you have what it takes to tackle a rebuild? Watch some youtube videos! For the most part, it's not that bad. We hope you enjoy our selection of Rebuildable Atomizer and Dripping Atomizers.