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Mountain Oak Vapors™ Sweetwater Valley™ offers the very best E-Liquid's are formulated to deliver maximum fruit flavor. Mountain Oak Vapors™ has the best E-Liquid's and they are designed to give our customers the all of the variety that Mother Nature has to offer. Your taste buds will be forever begging for more of the best E-Liquid in america, and it's found right here at Mountain Oak Vapors.

Our best E-Liquid sellers in this category are: Red Drop, Strawberry Breeze, Water Malone, Cool Berry and Nirvana.
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Mountain Oak Vapors - Tropical Sunrise - Pineapple & Pina Colada E-Juice Mountain Oak Vapors - Happy Farmer - Watermelon Wintergreen E-Juice MOV Vapor Pack 30mL Mountain Oak Vapors - Cool Berry - Fruit Berry E-Juice
Happy Farmer

MOV Vapor Pack 30ML

Cool Berry

Need a vacation?  This E-Liquid will whisk you away to that tropical paradise that you have been dreaming of. This fruity E-Juice is bursting with flavor. Fresh watermelon flavor that tastes just like a jolly... erm, a happy farmer, leaving you with cool wintergreen on the exhale. This is a lovely vape! Pick any three of our signature E-Liquid flavors in 30mL Bottles and save BIG! A cool and refreshing berry blend that is sure to please on those on a sweltering day. Berries berries and more berries with just the right amount of Menthol!
Mountain Oak Vapors - Red Drop - Raspberry Limeade E-Juice Mountain Oak Vapors - Nirvana - Mango Melon E-Juice Three pack E-Juice Special. Save big when you buy 3 bottles of e-liquid with this special offer! Mountain Oak Vapors - Paradise - Creamy Banana Melon E-Juice
Red Drop


MOV Vapor Pack 15mL


Enjoy our version of a Raspberry Limeade, just the way it was intended! This E-liquid will be sure to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your cravings! Nirvana™ is a complex and beautiful burst of flavor. This is a mango & melon E-Liquid at it's core with hints of vanilla peach and sweet watermelon. Buy any three of our signature E-Liquid flavors in 15mL bottles and save big! Paradise™ is an unlikely combination of exotic fruit flavors that come together to thoroughly satisfy your taste buds. Creamy Banana meets sweet honeydew melon to form an unlikely combination that is sure to please!
Mountain Oak Vapors - Shangri-La - Peach & Lychee Flavored E-Liquid Mountain Oak Vapors - Ecto Fusion - Peach & Pineapple meet Ecto Orange Citrus Mountain Oak Vapors - Blue Drop - Blueberry Lemonade E-Juice Mountain Oak Vapors - Strawberry Breeze High VG Natural Strawberry Flavored E-Liquid

Ecto Fusion

Blue Drop

This E-Juice is a delicious creation. Fresh Peach meets Crisp Lychee and slaps you in the face with an authentic,clean, and satisfying flavor that will leave you wanting more! Let this delicious blend of Punchy Ecto Orange Citrus paired with delicious Pineapple & Peach Flavoring Enjoy our version of a Blueberry Lemonade, like only the south can produce! Strawberry Breeze™ is a medley of delicious artificial & natural strawberry flavors. Sweet & Smooth to the last drop.
Mountain Oak Vapors - Grape Onya - Sugary Sweet Grape Flavor Mountain Oak Vapors - Watermelon and Honey Dew Melon E-Liquid Mountain Oak Vapors - Da Vine Watermelon & Grape E-Liquid Mountain Oak Vapors - Lynchburg Sour Tennessee Whiskey E-Liquid
Grape Onya

Water Malone

Da Vine

A delicious High VG Blend of Sugary Sweet Grape Flavors The most beautiful thing we've ever seen in our lives, it's a WATER MALONE! Da Vine™ is a unique and delicious flavor explosion! Lynchburg Sour™ is an amazing blend of Tennessee Whiskey and natural oak flavors expertly blended with a smooth & sour Lemonade. Taste the difference today!
Mountain Oak Vapors - Rainbow Sorbet - Rainbow Sherbet flavored E-liquid
Rainbow Sorbet™ is a highly authentic take on a classic Rainbow Ice Cream dessert! Light, Fluffy, and full of flavor.
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