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Equipment friendly E-Liquid that is sure to please

Mountain Oak Vapors™ has the best USA Made E-Liquid on the Market and we're willing to tell you why!

So, what makes our E-Liquid so good?

  • American Made: Perhaps one of the most important things is the quality of ingredients used. We pay top dollar for the very best e-liquid ingredients on the market. We go out of our way to make sure we are purchasing ingredients that are 100% sourced in the USA. American Made has always meant something in every industry, and we strongly feel that it means something with our product as well.
  • Passion & Experience: We as a company think that it is important to have experience and a passion for vaping. All of our employees were once smokers and are now vapers. This means that all of our e-liquid was created by vapers. Meaning, you are getting what you really need and not what someone thinks you need. We take great pride in our e-liquid and a lot of love goes behind the creation of each flavor. We are in a constant state of evolution and are always striving to make more complex and better flavors.
  • Glass Bottles & Child Resistant Droppers: Another reason we believe our E-Liquid is set apart from the rest is the use of quality glass containers. Every time you order you will be receiving a GLASS bottle with a safe, child resistant dropper. Why is glass better? Just do some research for yourself to find out how Glycerin (the primary ingredient of any E-Liquid) can leach plastic. Are all plastics vulnerable? No. There are LDPE Chemical Grade plastics that are resistant to this leaching. Some vendors are wise enough to be using these, others are not! With glass, there is no mistake. The cost is higher, but the end result is a better, safer product. We spare no expense with our customer's safety. Bottled up class indeed, visually stunning and safe for use, you can't go wrong.
  • Ingredient Listings & Warnings: All of our 15ML and 30ML bottles come with professional labeling that clearly lists the ingredients used in the creation of the product as well as a lot number, safety, and warning label. In part this is due to our readiness to comply with the FDA as new regulations emerge. What else does it show? It shows that we are willing to go the extra mile to bring some professionalism to a market flooded with a lack of it. Our labels are high quality, just like our e-liquid and our bottles. Again, we spare no expense and it shows.
  • Safety & Freshness: Each bottle comes sealed in plastic shrink wrap to ensure freshness and safety! When the product arrives you will know it has not been tampered with, and you can store it with the added peace of mind that it will not be leaking unless abused. Our lab sterilizes all of its surfaces and utensils daily.

  • Batch Mixing: All E-liquid that is made at Mountain Oak Vapors™ is made as part of a Master Batch. Each batch has a unique lot number that traces back to a nicotine batch, a flavor batch, a PG batch, and a VG batch. Each bottle you receive from Mountain Oak Vapors™ comes with a unique lot number, these lot numbers are used to trace back to the batch number that is stored in the master database at Mountain Oak Vapors™. We make our e-liquids in large batches to ensure quality, consistency, safety, and reliability. We also take a sample of each e-liquid batch after the batch has been produced and hold that sample for two years from the production date. This is to ensure that if there is ever a problem with that batch we have a sample on hand to do any investigating that is necessary. These are just some of the reasons that we are unable to offer "custom blends".
  • Service: Certainly not last in anyone's book, our service is very important to us and our customers. We are quick to respond, pleasant to work with, and always available! Fast Shipping ensures that your liquid always leaves our facility within 1-2 business days from the day you place your order. That is a service that cannot be beat! We have a 5,000 sq. ft. lab and production facility as well as 5 brick and mortar stores. Three stores in Tennessee, one in Oviedo, Florida, and one in Niagra Falls, NY, with more to come!